Thursday, February 23, 2012


Doubts can really control my life and sometimes it frustrates me so much! My hubby always says: "It's your egg, I'm not going to lay it for you", when I ask about his opinion on something that I should really decide on my own. I know he's so right, but still it seems I need someone elses thoughts to help me make up my mind...sigh...
Having dreads in my hair is such a typical example; I've been wanting these for years, I think dreads can be so pretty and when I look at these pictures above, I think all these persons have such awesome dreads. So, every now and then this thought comes up again..I start to browse the internet on information about dreads, looking at pictures to find out what kind of dreads I would want, sending e-mails to persons who can make dreads in my hair who live close to me, and then, in the end, I'm letting this thought go again, when I start to think about dandruff and itchiness...

Do you have this problem too? And if so, can you help me with a great advice? Pretty please??


  1. There are sellers on Etsy (and probably Ebay) that make wool dreads that can be put in temporarily like extensions. Getting some of these would give you a taste of what it's like and how it would look without the commitment of your own hair.
    Just a thought

  2. I am always asking people what I should do. It's bad. I made fake dreads awhile back to test it out and it was fun. You section your hair into the chunks you want, twist them tightly, spray with a TON of hairspray, and then fry together with your straightner - not healthy for you locks at all but it was fun to see what they might look like. Deep condition for awhile and they come right out.

  3. I can totally identify with your feelings of doubts. I don't really see these as a problem though. I feel that as I'm ready I am able to overcome my doubts.

    As for the dreads, I know Jess at Boho Baby Bump ( had some--I think--super temporary, but not extension, dreads. You may want to look in to her method?

    These pictures are so amazing, and if you do decide to go through with it I'm sure they'll look lovely on you!

    I'd love to swap ads if you feel like my blog would be a good match :)

  4. I am a doubter myself, so can totally relate. I love the dreads you selected for this blog. They are gorgeous. There is a mom at my older son's school who sports dreads and they look amazing. I would LOVE to have some... not sure how Corporate America would react, but then again, not so sure I care. ;-)


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