Friday, January 6, 2012

Organized blogging

I stumbled upon these amazing printables on My Girl Thursday when I was looking for great tips to get myself organized. Draw!Pilgrim designed these filofax sized printables for her, to get your blogging schedule more structured. Yay! Click here to download :-)

I came up with an idea for my 52 weeks project! I'll be crocheting something small every week and then make a picture of it. I also want to do something fun with the pictures, like put them on a board or make a booklet of them...I'm not sure, but I'll come up with a fun idea :-) Ofcourse, I'll post about my project regularly!


  1. 52 weeks project? Wow!
    That's so awesome!
    Can't wait to see them!!!

  2. I wish you could share your crocheting skill to me. It's raining here in my town and what a lovely Sunday to spend with crocheting and cups of tea! I can't wait to see your creation!

  3. these will be SUPER helpful! thanks for the tip! I need to get better at planning out my blogging.


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