Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tattoo Love Tuesday

I can´t believe that I didn´t post Art Nouveau tattoos before! Art Nouveau or Jugendstil is my favorite type of art, I adore this style! I used it many times as an inspiration when making jewellery when I was being educated as goldsmith. I still have a wish for a beautiful sleeve and it will probably be in Jugendstil style, because it´s such an important part of my life :-)
Feeling much better today, by the way. I've finished most of my projects for my study, so I'm as good as finished and I'm so happy! That means that I can almost start focussing on my new Etsy shop, yay!!


  1. just found your blog via "blythe ponytail parades" and am absolutely smitten <3 can't wait to read more!


  2. Ahhh, thanks Karen Marie, that is so sweet!! <3

  3. That first tattoo is just…wow! Loving these!

  4. Good morning. It's always nice to mention the artist. The Amazing Tattooed Lady by Rudy Faber! ;)


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