Sunday, October 16, 2011

Such a beautiful day!

I don´t know about the rest of the world, but here it´s been a beautiful sunny day today! Although the wind can be a bit cold, it was the perfect sunday to do some work in the garden, so my friend and I went to our allotment and did quite a lot of work. The garden has to be made ready for the next season and we just planted our garlic and broad beans, both survive during the winter and gives us early harvest.

What are you doing today and is the weather as sunny as here?



  1. We had sunny weather too! But I live in Amsterdam, so that's very close:)
    I stayed in mostly, but I did visit a friend in the neighborhood and caught a tiny little glimpse of the marathon too.

    But gardening sounds much much better! Great that you are all done for the new year now!

  2. Hi, thanks for your response! I'm going to check on your blog now, because I'm not curious ;-)
    I love Amsterdam by the way, I did my education as a goldsmith there.


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