Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My adorable cats

Ok, I thought that this would be a good moment to introduce my cats to you :-) This is Bono:

Bono is a 6 year old black cat, actually he is more of a dark-brownish colour, but you can only see that when the sun is shining on him. Then you can also see his stripes. He is adorable, but not really cat-like.. if I had to describe him, then I should say that he is kind of like a human being. He loves to cuddle and he loves to eat, and sleep.

And this is Gimli:

Gimli is also 6 years old, we named him after Gimli the dwarf, from Lord of the Rings. Now Gimli is what you could call a hunter. He brings home all kinds of trophees, to our disgust sometimes... for example, he gives us mice, frogs and birds. He also eats all the flies and spiders in our house, so that's a good thing. He is lovely, but not as cuddly as Bono. He just likes to be around and he likes it when we pet him, just as long as we don't pet him too much. Crazy cats...


  1. hey there! thanks for the comment on my blog :) Your blog looks really cute so far, like the header! And your kitties look super adorable - I'm a huge kitty lover but don't have kitty myself :( have a great day and good luck with the blog!
    xo, Paula

  2. Thanks Paula! I'm still working on the looks, I'm not so satisfied myself about the header, maybe I'll change it into another one.. Anyway, thanks for following me :-)

  3. Such cute cats!!! I dream of having a black cat. There's one at my grandma's acreage but I'm allergic to him :(

  4. Thanks Erin, I think they are cute too :-)


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