Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tattoo Love Tuesday; Hindu tattoos

I'm sorry for my absence, I've been kinda busy the past few days..
I've been collecting bronze Hindu figures forever, because I love the diversity of the Hindu pantheon. Maybe it's fun to show pictures of them someday :-)
Anyway, a lotus tattoo is still on my wishlist and I also love Hindu tattoos, so here are some of my favorites!

I'm still eating lowcarb and sugarfree and I've lost almost 7 pounds so far! My plan is to stick to this schedule for another week and then slowly build up the carbs to my diet. I'm not sure if I'll add sugar back to my diet...it feels pretty good to take no sugar into me and I haven't had a headache since I've been on this diet, while normally I get a bad headache every  weekly or sometimes daily.

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