Friday, February 17, 2012

Fab Feeling Friday

This cute pottery, I want these in my kitchen!

One of my Blythes is dismantled and waiting for me to turn her into a beauty, and I would love to give her the same mohair hair as this Blythe :-) 

OMG, this doggy is so adorable!! Check out this Etsy store for these cute dog hats :-)

Want, want, want these shoesies!

 I don't have an Iphone yet, but when I do, I'm going to get me one of these
awesome cases!

I love this cute necklace :-)

 Check out this Etsy store for a lot more awesome animal-print-shirts!


  1. That pottery is INCREDIBLE! I couldn't find the exact page for them, do the lids screw on?

    PS - I thought I hit publish on the vlog comment you left but it seems to have disappeared so I must have deleted it on accident :( So I am replying here. Anyways, you should totally post your vlog! I would totally watch it! It's normal to feel ridiculous recording yourself talk but it's fun, right?

  2. This pottery is fantastic! And the pug... Oh the pug... I just love pugs <3


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