Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tattoo Love Tuesday; Angel Wings

I think angel wing tattoos are very pretty, especially on a nice back :-) 
February is almost coming! My gosh, isn't time flying by fast? I have some new sponsors to add and making plans for my blog for the upcoming month. My little girl is sick at home, so I'm looking forward to leaving the office tonight, so I can go home and cuddle her :-)
What are you doing today?


  1. I hope your little one feels better soon! I have mixed feelings on angel wing tattoos - on some it looks great but on others yikes! But I guess that goes for any tattoo.

  2. Those wing tattoos are very pretty, I have such a sensitive back that I don't think I could handle any type of tattoo there. I have tattoos on my arms and that was painful enough! lol I hopt your daughter feels better soon...my son is sick too :(



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