Thursday, January 26, 2012

Guest Post by Paula!

I'm so happy to announce this guest post by my blog friend; the awesome Paula of Owls & Ink :-) Thanks Paula!

Hey there, I'm Paula and I blog over at Owls & Ink!
My blog is a little place where you can find everything and anything that inspires me during my day to day life. I'm a book lover and crafty person, addicted to pretty things and dresses and have a lot of love for all things that have to do with Owls or Tattoos (hence my blog name). I'd be glad if you popped over and said hi.

that's me by the way - with my wonderful boyfriend

Anyways, I was so excited to be asked to do a guest post by Marlous and immediately started thinking about a lot of topics. Share a DIY project? 'Talk about my favorite book? Hook you up with my favorite cookie recipe?

In the end I chose a topic that is very important to me - health. now please don't stop reading here, I promise it won't be bad. I know a lot of people have made the solution to 'be healthier' or 'get fit' this year. the beginning of the year is already more than 3 weeks away and people start slacking in their motivation. this is where I come in, I want to help you and show you that 'being healthy' is not boring or too difficult and that it can actually be a lot of fun.

I have been overweight for the most part of my life. when I was 18 I couldn't stand the looks people were giving me anymore and stopped eating almost entirely. I was loosing weight but I felt aweful. I was hungry and tired all the time and though I was getting thinner, I was in no good shape at all. and this is completely wrong! you shouldn't feel bad about yourself. care about your body, put a little thought and effort into it and you can feel great.

the first couple of weeks are usually the hardest, since you have to develop a routine, but once you're at that point, you'll feel better than you ever have in your whole life. listen to your body, if you're hungry - eat. but try to get rid of all the sugar and processed foods. try frsh fruit and vegetables (you can't tell me you don't like the taste of a juicy apple, or strawberries. yum!). eat lots of white meat like chicken or fish with veggies, try to cut back on bread stay away from sugar. once you get the hang of it there's really a ton of things to eat and your body will feel great if you get rid of all that artifical and fatty fast food stuff. work out 3 times a week and think of it as fun! look for something you like and you're good at. lifting weight is not your thing? don't force yourself to do it. maybe check out running. not your thing either? take a dancing class or do volleyball. maybe yoga?
the best motivation is always to get a friend to go with you together.

I have changed my way of living and feel like I'm reborn. I'm always energized, confident and happy about myself and love going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week. it used to be hard to find the motivation but I'm now at a point where I even miss the gym if I skip a day. sound weird?
I also take a zumba class with my sister which is a great way to meet her on a weekly basis - kill two birds with one stone, right?

if you made it this far: thanks for reading. I just want people to know that they should not give up and that 'being healthy' is not a pain in the butt, but a choice you make and one that will make you feel good about yourself and your life. working out will make you feel great, you'll be surprised at what you can accomplish with your body, it's strong! take care of it.

and if you like, check by my blog and say hi, I'd love to hear from you.
You can find me over at Owls & Ink

and thanks again for having me Marlous, I was super glad for the opportunity!
Now have a great week guys,


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  1. Awesome post Paula! Nice to see you over here! One thing I really need to cut back on is my sugar intake. I've cut out soda completely, which was a big step and I eat fruits and veggies, but resisting a cupcake is almost impossible for me. But I can make a batch of 16 and only eat 1 :) so I'm getting there. I haven't gained any weight since Jan of last year but I've only lost about 5 lbs. I really want to lose 15. I'm definitely going to start exercising at least 3 times a week, right now I'm at 2. Thank you for this post! It has reminded me to keep up with eating healthy :D



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