Thursday, December 29, 2011

My goals for 2012

I've made a small list of goals for the next year, it's not much, but that's ok, then it will be more clarifying for me :-)
I'm looking forward to 2012! I have lots of fun things planned and it will involve a lot of blogging!!

I've also started a Facebook page and Pinterest (Check them out, follow me and/or become my friend :-)), so that's also a goal for the next year to work on that and keep those pages updated :-)
My main goal for the next year is my Etsy shop, but I'll keep you posted about that! Yay!

Do you have fun things planned for the next year? 



  1. I definitely want to get even more into blogging, I just love it. maybe start some outfit posts or something with hair, since I love doing weird stuff with my hair, hah.
    learn to sew and sew alot with my new Singer my mom got me for christmas, maybe even start selling some of the things I create...
    and work out more! I love working out and eating healthy, but I tend to get lazy. very lazy.. :)

  2. How about more time in the garden & eating lots and lots of homegrown veggies!!! I'm certainly looking forward to that in 2012!

  3. @Mir: Absolutely!! I'm so looking forward to that! But that's kinda part of 'eat healthier' and 'have fun' :-)

  4. Hi! I am a Dutch blogger as well. I am still wondering whether or not I should make goals for 2012 or not as lists are popping up everywhere.. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I like your blog :)



  5. Lots of super lovely goals here :)
    I have some too which I have done on my blog.
    P.s I am in love with your blog! x


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