Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmassy creativity

I don´t know if this is something typically Dutch, but here the days before Christmas are spent making all kinds of pretty decorative things, such as ´kerststukjes´. If I translate this letterly, then it´s called a ´christmaspiece´ in English :-) It's basically like flower arranging, only then with pine branches, a candle, decorations like little stars or mushrooms and pine cones. The christmaspiece decorates the table at home and on christmas eve, we burn the candle.
My little girl had a lot of fun today, making 2 pretty Christmaspieces, first at school this morning and in the afternoon she invited a friend and the three of us went to a market hall and they made another Christmaspiece there. It was so much fun today!

What kind of decorations do you make for Christmas and what is tradition where you live?

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