Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bye bye gardening season...

Fall is really kicking in here! It's raining more, windy and getting colder... so it looks like we can't do much more in our allotment this year. These pictures are from last week, as you can see it was so nice outside! Sunny and even a bit warm, which is quite unique for the Netherlands in November!
You know, I can really look forward to those cold and snowy winter-days, making a snowman in our backyard, go ice-skating and snuggle up under a warm blanket on the couch while watching all those christmas-movies....but at the same time I feel kind of sad to put my rubber boots and all my gardening tools in the shed and have to wait all winter long before I can get back in the garden again.
Oh well, winter time will be well spent inside, picking out all kinds of seeds in the catalogs :-)


  1. how awesome to have a garden all to yourself!

  2. Yes, I know and I'm so happy with it! Thanks for your message, Rebecca :-)


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