Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One of my projects

I thought I'ld tell you about one of my projects that I am currently working on :-) We have all kinds of pictures hanging by our stairs (of friends and family) and what I want to do, is make one part of it into a picture wall with our ancestors. I just love old pictures, they make me want to go back in time and when I look at old photos, I try to imagine what was happening at the very moment the photo was taken :-)
So, a few weeks ago, when I was at my parent's house, my mum and I went up to the attic to search in all their photoboxes and we found an amazing box, completely filled with old pictures!! I took the box home with me and now I'm sorting all the photos out. I guess there are about 300 photos in the box and I have to figure out which ones are my family :-) It's quite a project, because when I'm done sorting the photos, I'll have to buy a lot of pictureframes to hang them in!

Do you love old pictures as much as I do and do you have these kind of photos of your ancestors hanging in your house?


  1. I love old pictures but I barely have any of my parents/grandparents. I wish I did because they're so nice to look at. Thanks for sharing yours!


  2. Thanks for your message Sarah! I hope you will be able to find any photos of your ancestors some day.. I´m going to take a look around at your blog now :-)

  3. I have loads of old photos of my family!! I found them in the attic of my parents house and especially love the black and white ones of my grandparents. I'm still thinking about a great way to display them and since our walls are pretty bare, I might frame them ometime and make a photo wall.

    and I'll definitely think about outfit posts. I just feel a bit weird with that, but maybe I'll get over my awkwardness/ shyness after doing it a couple of times.
    have a great rest of the week!

  4. i absolutely love old pictures like these. Have quite a few of my mom and dad and grandparents etc. They are some of my prized possessions.



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